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A Warm Welcome!

Today, we were invited to the headquarters of Aid Lebanon. It couldn't have been a greater welcome!

Mr. Melhem, our president and CEO, welcomed Kevin Ghajar, Ahmad Ferri, and myself to the organization's headquarters. During this tour, Ahmad Ferri and I taped Mr. Melhem's interview with Mr. Ghajar for our first podcast. Mr. Melhem not only displayed another aspect of his wonderful personality throughout the interview, but he also made it a pleasant and delightful experience. I was able to witness what Mr. Charbel Saad stated “Our headquarters tells the story of a man who was forced to leave home and start his life again from nothing. Life did not have mercy on him. Yet, this man worked hard and persevered through it all. He created a life for him and his family and started giving back to his people back home. This is the story of each volunteer in Aid Lebanon Inc.”

Mr. Melhem also invited us to a meeting to discuss the organization's overall performance. During this discussion, Ahmad Ferri and Kevin Ghajar made incredible suggestions that would get us closer to rebuilding our home, Lebanon. Mr. Saad, the organization's Chief of Staff, also sent us a welcome package and an enlightening letter which included touching words “Our headquarters represent a lot of things. These four walls hold together the story of our dear country, Lebanon in the land of the free, the United States of America. These four walls hold together the story of Lebanese immigrants worldwide seeking a new life away from home. These four walls hold together the blood, sweat, and tears of our ancestors who have suffered a great deal for us to be here today.”

Despite the fact that I was a new member with no input or recommendations, Mr. Melhem kept me involved and made me feel like a valuable component of the organization, for which I am thankful.

This initial encounter with the organization has shown me how hard the organization works, as well as that I made the proper decision to join. I am excited about what lies ahead and for the opportunity to help our country heal.

Ahmad Sobh

Fundraising Department

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