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Meet our new board member: Leia Sahyoun

Leia Sahyoun is a student at Emory University studying Finance and Arabic. She brings a deep-rooted passion for volunteering and community service to her new role as a board member for Aid Lebanon. With years of active involvement in various fundraising and volunteering initiatives, Leia hopes to contribute to Aid Lebanon’s mission and expand its reach.

As a proud Lebanese American, Leia aims to demonstrate her affection for Lebanon and its incredible people through her work for Aid Lebanon. Her goal is to raise global awareness about Lebanon's current challenges while driving fundraising initiatives to increase the reach of Aid Lebanon’s provision of critical services and resources. Leia is determined to advocate for and implement solutions that ensure no individual is denied essential medical care due to circumstances beyond their control. Through her endeavors, Leia carries the aspiration to contribute to a future where Lebanon thrives, with its potential fully realized and its people empowered.

On behalf of Aid Lebanon we cordially welcome Leia to the Cedars Executive Board of Directors.

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