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Bridging Aid: A Part of the Journey

Our President and CEO Mr. Melhem once said: “Aid Lebanon was founded on the basis of a GLOBAL union”. Today, we are laying the groundwork for this global path, beginning in Africa.

In his latest roundtable, Mr. Melhem met with the Presidents of several non-profit organizations based in West Africa, Kenya, DR Congo, Nigeria, Uganda, and Sierra Leone. Throughout the meeting, Mr. Melhem introduced Aid Lebanon’s mission, one tailored to the growing financial, healthcare, mental, and societal needs of the Lebanese people. In turn, he got the chance to understand each NGO’s background along with its struggles and required resources to remain standing.

Importantly, involved parties discussed their willingness to form an alliance of NGOs that aims to tackle common problems faced by Lebanese and African people in need. Aid Lebanon aims to kick this journey off through hosting physical and mental health awareness webinars and conducting educational lectures in local African schools. Further down the line, we will consider funding the construction of water wells, local classrooms, and even hosting free medical days for checkups, seasonal vaccinations, and necessary drugs.

Aid Lebanon has promised to put considerable thought into helping these organizations in a timely manner that aligns with our priority: Helping Lebanon’s people. We have never been so confident in our growing international team members, all dedicated to helping as many people around the world as possible.

For now, I leave you with this positive note and want you to know that more of these success stories and future partnerships will be coming your way!

Kevin Ghajar

CEO Office Manager

Executive Administrator

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