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About Us

Building the Future, Today

The Children’s Health Taskforce was established on October 26th, 2022, as part of Aid Lebanon’s continuous efforts to ensure inclusive and comprehensive care to Lebanon at such a crucial time. The taskforce is focused on helping ensure a suitable environment for children in the country to develop and thrive so they can reach their full potentials. Some of the focus areas of the taskforce include mental health, physical wellbeing, the right to education and life without violence. Several projects will be initiated to fulfill the mission and vision of the task force.

The taskforce has established several collaborations with both national and international high-end stakeholders who share a similar vision for the children in Lebanon. These collaborations are based on building a sustainable future for children across the different aspects of their health without any discrimination.

With such a huge responsibility, your support is needed to make sure no child is left behind.

Our Story

The long-standing crisis in Lebanon has had a tremendous effect on the mental and physical health of its citizens, particularly children. With many of the affected children residing in areas with low socioeconomic status and/or refugee camps, many lack a proper access to affordable and available healthcare. These circumstances also dramatically impair their quality of life, which can carry a considerable risk on their future. At Aid Lebanon Inc., we believe that everyone has the equal right to proper physical and mental health and wellbeing, as it’s a necessity rather than a luxury. We particularly believe that children should have a worry-free life that helps them prosper towards a future filled with success and joy. For this reason, Aid Lebanon Inc. has established the Children’s Health Taskforce, with the vision of improving children’s general status, while specifically focusing on healthcare access for those in need. 

By bringing together a team of motivated Lebanese medical students, our NGO believes that its vision is one step closer to a better Lebanon. Our task force members come with a diverse background in public health services. Their work has extensively involved issues in public health, human rights and sexual and reproductive health, among others, and ranged from organizing awareness campaigns, training sessions, workshops and free medical services to developing research studies on Lebanon’s pressing matters. Having previously held different leadership positions that relate to public health in Lebanon, their familiarity with the Lebanese situation and health sector needs provide a strong asset to our work.

Meet The Team


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