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Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Today marks yet another success in Aid Lebanon’s book of achievements. We can’t keep up at this point!

Today, our President and CEO Mr. Melhem had the honour of attending the Lebanese American University Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury white coat ceremony 22’. Mr. Melhem was delighted to meet Dr. Sola Bahous, the Dean of LAU’s School of Medicine, and to brief her on what Aid Lebanon is planning to achieve in the future.

We at Aid Lebanon are looking forward to hosting more projects in Lebanon, especially in the healthcare setting. Mr. Melhem has so-long been a major advocate not only for high-quality public health programs, but also enhanced environmental, socio-economic and mental health sectors.

Aid Lebanon is a firm believer in the power and compassion of Lebanon’s youth, and today’s scene is another affirmation to that. Mr. Melhem was impressed by the LAU medical students’ compassion and dedication to the highest standards of patient care.

Witnessing innovative and exceptional medical education in our beloved Lebanon is another reason for us to stick to our plans and rebuild our home.

Kevin Ghajar

CEO Office Manager

Executive Administrator


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