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Our chairwoman embarks on a new journey.

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Raquel Bahnam has served as Chairwoman of AID Lebanon’s Board "Cedars Executive Board" in the first two years of the NGO. It is with great regret that we announce that Raquel will be stepping down as Chairwoman of the Cedars Executive Board, remaining with AID Lebanon by taking on new responsibilities.

Raquel has given her utmost dedication and efforts to help our organization grow. Among other projects, her distinguished work organizing the CHANCE auction remains one of the most remarkable. Leading the whole rebranding campaign, she gave AID Lebanon the fresh impetus it needed. Her unique vision nurtured AID Lebanon identity. She has constantly strived to spread her unrelenting joy and hope, not only among our members, but to anyone crossing her path. Raquel's legacy will prevail.

From our President, the CEO and the whole AID Lebanon team, it was an honor working along her side and we are grateful for her valuable contributions in the organization.

We are wishing her the best of luck in her future position.

Alissa Chebat

Public Relations Executive Emeritus

Chief Executive Office

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