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SAID NGO Partnership

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Colorectal cancer (CRC) remains one of the principal global healthcare issues, and the situation is no different in Lebanon. Because of decreased awareness and a lack of early screening, CRC has unfortunately taken the lives of many Lebanese citizens over the past few years. This becomes increasingly important today as our beautiful Lebanon battles a severe economic crisis, dramatically reducing access to healthcare services across the country.

With that being said, we can STILL do something to help and this is what SAID NGO, a non-governmental organization founded in 2016 and operating all across Lebanon, is working towards. The NGO’s mission is three fold: Awareness, Advocacy, and Support. Through carrying out diverse educational events, taking part in health forums/conferences, and presenting informative lectures and advice from health-care professionals, SAID NGO aims to increase awareness about colorectal cancer, highlight the importance of early screening and detection, and, most notably, secure the funds needed to support those who cannot afford early screening services.

Even with all the success SAID NGO has achieved in raising awareness about CRC, more work has to be done. We, at Aid Lebanon, have no boundaries when it comes to helping people in need, and we strongly believe that, when working hand-in-hand with others, we can reach our goal. We never fail in taking responsibility to advocate for truly lifesaving campaigns that align with our beliefs and resonate with our mission.

Our Founder, President & CEO, Mr. Nehme Gerges Melhem, has been working around the clock to build a foundation of educated, knowledgeable, and passionate individuals from all walks of life. His vision: Building the most competent, tenacious, and sophisticated organizations in the world. Aid Lebanon is marching its way there all while remaining the helping hand to all individuals being challenged by their mental health, battling out cancer, or facing abuse.

Today marks yet another milestone in Aid Lebanon’s book of achievements. It is our pleasure to announce our official partnership with SAID NGO! This marks the start of a long journey with one goal in mind: Bestow the Lebanese people with the awareness they need and the funds they need to fight CRC. We will achieve this via hosting webinars, planning fundraising events, setting-up awareness tents in affected communities and more down the line.

Summed up, these steps ensure further success to SAID NGO’s mission and give us, at Aid Lebanon, the chance to prove our dedication and commitment in helping Lebanon rise up again.

Kevin Ghajar

CEO Office Manager

Executive Administrator


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