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Meet our new board member: Jana Warde

Jana Warde is a dedicated and passionate healthcare professional with a strong background in volunteer work and research. Jana's journey in healthcare began with her extensive volunteer work at hospitals and medical centers in Arizona. This hands-on experience has fueled her commitment to promoting access to healthcare for all. In addition to her volunteer work, Jana has a strong research background. She has conducted groundbreaking research on early-onset Alzheimer's disease at prestigious institutions such as Arizona State University and Mayo Clinic. Jana's passion for healthcare extends beyond the clinical setting. She has also gained valuable experience in the business side of the industry. As a Medical Device Investment Analyst at a medical device venture capital firm in Palo Alto, California, Jana provided fiduciary services to bridge startup medical devices with investment opportunities.

As a board member, Jana is ready to bring her expertise, passion, and commitment to Aid Lebanon, advancing the organization's mission and making a tangible impact on healthcare access. With her unique blend of clinical, research, and business experience, Jana is well-equipped to contribute to Aid Lebanon's mission of providing healthcare linking the United States to Lebanon.


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