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Aid Lebanon in Canada

Aid Lebanon has surpassed another milestone today. We traveled all the way from Boston to arrive for the first time in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, after receiving assurances from our president and chief executive officer, Mr Nehme Gerges Melhem, that this would be the first of many trips to Canada.

Mr Melhem arrived in Montreal this morning for the Association Cancer Canada Liban conference. Dr. Mustapha Tehfé hosted an important conference on cancer and the situation in Lebanon, and Raquel Bahnam, our board chairwoman, shared her story as a two-time cancer patient and transplant survivor, as well as signed the bestselling books, Sense of Tumor © 1 and 2, to raise funds for cancer patients in Lebanon.

Mr Melhem spoke with the majority of Association Cancer Canada Liban members about the present challenges of cancer patients in Lebanon and managed to make observations in the hopes of finding a solution for our people. Following that, Mr Melhem had a great discussion with Ms Ghada Nasr about the challenges Lebanon confronts, ranging from food insecurity to mental health concerns, medication difficulty, cancer patients, and more.

Mr Melhem addressed a prospective relationship with ACCL "Association Cancer Canada Liban" with Ms Ghada Nasr, and he also extended an open invitation to ACCL to meet virtually with Aid Lebanon via a video conference call from our offices in Boston.

Mr. Melhem also advised our public relations team that he can't wait to join forces with ACCL to form a union and connect the United States and Canada. As he boldly declared, union and connections are the keys to the first door to global unification.

Finally, Mr Melhem, as usual, was pleased with our board chairwoman's testimony and performance, and when we inquired about Miss Bahnam's performance, he responded : “It's Raquel, and no words can express how delighted we are of her and her passion and commitment to helping others.”

Aid Lebanon appreciates ACCL for the invitation and for this incredible conference and hospitality.

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