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A message from our new elected Board Chairwoman

After the news that our chairwoman, Raquel Banham, had resigned and wanted to embark on a new journey which we wished her all the best in, the board had an urgent meeting where I was voted in as the new chairwoman of Aid Lebanon.

To start off, I would like to thank the members’ trust in me. Aid Lebanon and its members have been my family ever since I joined them and I am honored to take up this new responsibility. I will be working very closely with management in order to ensure that the organization can reach the improvement and the goals it aspires to achieve.

My goal for the board is to have dedicated and active members who will prioritize the work that Aid Lebanon wants to put in first. We, as an organization, are moving towards bigger plans and for that we need the members to give their all.

The board requires a leader who can guide the members into doing their tasks, maintain the team spirit, and be assertive when needed. And that is what I plan to be.

In order to see change we need to work towards the change. I hope that the Lebanese will find the light at the end of the tunnel, I also hope to contribute to make the light shine, even if only a little, brighter.

Maria El Khoury

Board Chairwoman

Cedars Executive Board


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