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Wassim Daoud Khatoun awarded the "Golden Signature"

Wassim Daoud Khatoun is a Med III student at the Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine at the Lebanese American University. He has participated in several research projects during his time at university, ranging from fundamental scientific laboratory work in human genetics to investigating public health concerns and writing review papers about significant clinical themes. Peer reviewing articles, which he only recently began doing, is another aspect of his research experience.

Wassim has held a variety of leadership positions in student-run organizations, notably in those that focus on organizing events and promoting sexual and mental health. He oversaw the planning of several campaigns and events to raise awareness of issues including HIV, LGBTQ+ health, and mental health.

Wassim has attended several conferences on a national and international level. These include biomedical symposia, Model UN meetings, and conferences devoted to community service and youth development.

Wassim was chosen from among fifty applications to apply to our medical committee by the president and CEO. Wassim has been given the golden signature, which guarantees him a spot on the Student Medical Committee of Aid Lebanon, by our president and chief executive officer, Mr. Nehme Gerges Melhem.

From left to right: Wassim Daoud Khatoun, Nehme Gerges Melhem

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