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A message from Vice President Saab

Updated: May 7, 2022

Our beloved supporters and community, I'm sure you're wondering what our next steps will be as a non-profit that is actively expanding abroad. Aid Lebanon has greatly strengthened and enlarged its network of collaborators and partners in the recent year. I am proud of the commitment and passion that the entire team has shown, particularly our founder, Mr. Nehme G Melhem, who has helped us to greatly improve day by day. We are delighted to be one of the first non-profit organizations in Lebanon to work nonstop for change. Aid Lebanon's major goal was to assist citizens of Lebanon following the terrifying explosion that occurred in August of 2020. Lives were claimed, and people were left without homes. I am so proud of the efficiency and professionalism that the Aid Lebanon team has shown since day one. We were registered and operational within 24 hours of the disaster and continue to provide services for citizens in Lebanon. The dedication of the Aid Lebanon team continues to strengthen day by day. We are now proudly fighting against hunger in Lebanon, believing that food should not be a barrier to survival. We are also beginning to incorporate webinars and fundraisers for adult cancers. Cancer patients in Lebanon are facing a never-ending crisis, with no access to medical care or treatments. We want to continue fighting oft equal access to good healthcare in Lebanon. We want to give hope to patients who have lost faith long ago. Our goal is to help citizens from all walks of life. Finally, we are also fighting against the stigma of mental health by continuing to educate others about its importance. Most importantly, we are still fighting for change in Lebanon. I am so grateful for all of the accomplishments that our team has made so far. Let's take a look at what we have accomplished recently. We started adding advanced AI and communication less than two years after Aid Lebanon rebranded. We've implemented one of the safest website features, and we're now taking our meetings to the virtual world in 3D and beyond! We are working toward a more connected future for Lebanon and want to assure our security as well as the security of our friends, collaborators, and partners. Aid Lebanon has invested over $15,000 in our information technology department to date. We will continue to invest in our platforms and technology. President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Melhem, agrees: "Technology is prevalent in our world today and has become a catalyst of new human advancements. Keeping up with technology will help our organization grow and reach horizons." We have now enhanced our donation platforms with our online "BEYou" shop, which offers international shipping and fulfillment facilities in the United States, Latvia, Spain, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and Brazil, as well as our customer support lines in Dubai and Canada. To make this ambition a reality, Aid Lebanon has spent over $5,000 on contracts with third parties, making it all possible. Our social media has also grown immensely! Our social media platforms have been focused on reliving the old Beirut, in the city prior to its destruction. We hope to one day be a catalyst in restoring the wonderful past of Lebanon, the beautiful cities, and its wonderful people. I am grateful for all of your support throughout our journey as we continue to improve our organization each day.

Lea Saab

Vice President

Rev Kevin G. CEO Office 05/06/22

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