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Results of Aid Lebanon's Term II elections

The tragedy that occurred in Beirut on August 4th and Aid Lebanon's anniversary tragically go hand in hand. On August 2, the organizations elections for this second-year anniversary took place.

Giving all its aspirant members an opportunity to advance to higher positions if they so choose is crucial for Aid Lebanon as a group.

This fosters a culture of development and accountability and demonstrates to participants the importance of their thoughts and ability to affect change internally.

However, our members were pleased with the contributions made thus far by Miss. Raquel Banham, who was re-elected as board chairwoman, and Mr. Nehme Gerges Melhem, who was re-elected as president and chief executive officer. Both members contributed innovative thinking that were developed further by our volunteers and turned into action plans. They also demonstrated exemplary leadership during the previous term.

As for the newly elected members, Miss. Christelle Maaiki was chosen as board vice chairwoman, and Miss. Gayele Rizk was elected as executive vice president. Both women are promising since they get along well with the rest of the Aid Lebanon team and have previously demonstrated that they can handle any issues that may come up inside the organization.

Congratulations to the new and re-elected members. Aid Lebanon has been and will remain proud of its members who have been working hard and are committed to bringing positive change to our community.

Maria El Khoury

COB Office Manager

Board Public Relations Officer

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