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Official Statement

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Lebanon and the world are facing a rise in new Covid cases. And with the increased virulence and infectivity of the strains, our efforts should be directed towards effective prevention.

Mrs. Michelle Tucker, a Washington,DC based Consultant in the Public Health Industry, established a brand new fundraising campaign aiming at providing N95 masks to humanitarian organizations in the disadvantaged areas of the world.

And in the spirit of providing the best care and support to our Lebanese community, Mr Nehme Melhem, president and CEO of Aid Lebanon, brought this campaign all the way to our country.

We at Aid Lebanon believe in the importance of proper mask use awareness and distribution. N95 masks are among the most efficient ways to mitigate the spread of airborne diseases.

But covid isn’t the only danger our community is facing. With the ongoing fires at the Beirut port, and the threat of the silo collapsing, the danger of toxic fumes release and acute lung injuries is imminent. This campaign is thus the perfect opportunity for us to stand by the residents of our dear Beirut, and help them face this new challenge.

Michel Boustany

Public Relations Officer Emeritus

Chief Executive Office

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