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N95 Campaign

The WHO has , constantly over the years, highlighted the importance of early childhood vaccinations for the eradication and prevention of many diseases. Now around two years after the COVID-19 virus emerged, vaccinations have played a primary role in the reduction of the virus and its severity worldwide. Sadly, there has been an inequity in the distribution of the vaccines across the world where third world countries have shown declined rates as compared to other first world countries, on the other hand.

The Yemeni civil war has been ongoing since 2014. As any war, it has reduced its country to shreds, the citizens of Yemen have struggled with their daily needs and it comes as no surprise that their health has been overlooked. The numbers reflect Yemen’s state with under 4% vaccination rates. It is ranked among the world’s lowest vaccination rates which elevates the risk of virulence within the population as well as the emergence of vaccine-resistant variants. Vaccines are not the only prevention existing, before their development, and all throughout, masks have also played a crucial role in the protection of individuals during the pandemic.

In accordance with what was previously mentioned, Mrs. Michelle Tucker, Washington DC based consultant in the Public Health Industry, has established a fundraising campaign to provide N95 masks for underprivileged areas.

Yemen is one of the underprivileged countries and, unfortunately, Lebanon falls as another. Mr. Melhem saw it as necessary to bring this campaign to Lebanon as well. NK95 masks will help in keeping the COVID-19 numbers at bay and will help in preventing the exposure of the citizens of Beirut to the toxic fumes released with the ongoing collapse of the silos.

Mr. Melhem has reiterated that the safety and health of the Lebanese population is a priority for Aid Lebanon and that all efforts are going to be made to ensure that the people of Lebanon don't have to bear more burdens than what they already have to carry.

Maria El Khoury

COB Office Manager

Board Public Relations Officer

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