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Melhem makes a statement upon his re-election as president and CEO

At Aid Lebanon, there is usually a surge of enthusiasm as a new term begins. The rise in donations from our kind contributors has invigorated us. They provide us the means to finance projects that enhance our community and aid those who are most in need during these troubled times. Additionally, we are inspired to fulfill the innovative objectives and expectations we have for the upcoming years. As I consider all the "Good" we will do in 2023, I am incredibly appreciative of the visionaries.

We at Aid Lebanon Boston strive to realize Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision of a day when we would coexist and thrive as a society based on the "content of our character." I urge you to keep in mind the words I delivered at the organization's formation as you begin the new term: "Let us build a one global union of an enlightened minority to make the correct reforms in this world. The people will see the unexpected and realize that the future belongs to us, therefore may they never question what a small, educated minority can do.”

With a pristine 100% re-election rate from our 50 members globally, I am grateful and honored for the faith they have placed in me today. I am also grateful for the support our community has given me via the organization and for the respect others, including our partners, have shown for the efforts we have achieved.

Once more, I come to you today and pledge to do all in my power to make a difference in the Lebanese people's rocky journey.

Aid Lebanon Inc, a one global union with a history of two successful years and many more to come.

Making good happen is what we do collaboratively,

Nehme Gerges Melhem

President and Chief Executive Officer

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