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Aid Lebanon Meets Al-Tawarek

On June 18, our President and CEO Mr. Melhem, along with Board Director Christelle Maaiki

and Volunteer Camille Akkari, visited Foundation Al-Tawarek in Tripoli.

We kicked off our visit by talking about the inner working of Al-Tawarek with Ms. Maya

Habib Hafez. After getting accepted, Tripoli residents would visit the site once a month and

benefit from food, clothes, cleaning products and medications.

After that was a stroll in the Tawarek Free Market where we saw the good deeds happen.

We saw many people using tote bags to pick out much-needed items like baby formula,

milk, cheese (which was given for free on the day of our visit), rice, beans, sugar, canned

goods, oil, detergents, shampoos, soap, and menstruation pads.

We were very impressed with the pharmacy service offered at Al-Tawarek. Meds included

over-the counter (OTC) and prescription only. Examples include painkillers, non-steroidal

anti-inflammatory drugs, antipsychotics, antidepressants, antiepileptics, antiemetics,

antibiotics, antiplatelets, etc.

After discussing the pharmacy’s needs with Ms. Habib, Mr. Melhem has offered to send out

some OTC medications like ibuprofen and paracetamol over from the US.

We were very impressed with the tour and were willing to further discuss Al-Tawarek’s

growing needs in these tumultuous times. The foundation is receiving more applications

than it can handle; however, priority will be given to those that portray the most need.

Recently, Al-Tawarek has gone above and beyond by giving out scholarships and paying

some students’ tuition fees.

Lastly, Mr. Melhem discussed a potential partnership between Aid Lebanon and Al-Tawarek

foundation. This will not only ensure the continuity of Al-Tawarek’s work but will also

enhance the scale and number of people they are able to help. This is what Mr. Melhem

strives for; this is why Aid Lebanon has been founded.

Camille Akkari

Fundraising Coordinator

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