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Aid Lebanon responds to the deterioration of healthcare attention.

As Aid Lebanon advanced through the years, it became more and more clear that medically-lead initiatives were a focal point for the organization. That is due to the rising need in medications and supplies as well as the deteriorating attention to healthcare among the Lebanese citizens.

As a result, it became evident that a student medical committee would be needed to bring life to the projects Aid Lebanon wanted to work on. An admissions team was built with the esteemed likes of Dr. Zeina Assaf Moukarzel, the founder of LAMSA and former chief of the critical care & burn center in Geitaoui hospital as well as Dr. Roula Farah, who is an associate professor of pediatric oncology and hematology at LAU and the president and founder of CHANCE Association and Nehme Gerges Melhem, Aid Lebanon’s founder, president and CEO.

Applications were then sent out to medical students all over different universities in Lebanon as well as the US and Canada and out of 50 applications processed, the organization was able to grant Lauren Khoury and Wassim Khatoun the golden signature which earned them an automatic seat on the medical committee. The golden signature is only granted to one student per institution as deemed appropriate by the admissions committee.

The committee had its first meeting which will be detailed in another blog post. During said meeting our president Mr. Melhem highlighted the importance of having transparent, professional and respectful members. He also reiterated that Lebanon and its healthcare system remain his priority and while he appreciates all the work that is being done by others to help the dwindling healthcare system he still sees that much can be done.

Goodluck to all the new members, we hope that you keep in heart and mind all that Aid Lebanon stands for and wants to achieve. We are looking forward to seeing great work from you stepping into this new phase of our journey.

Maria El Khoury

COB Office Manager

Board Public Relations Officer

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