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Al-Tawarek Collaboration

It goes without a say that a majority of the Lebanese citizens are struggling; some are struggling more than others. There are cities in Lebanon that can tell stories of millions on their own. Barely-there homes, leaking walls, an unhinged door, and a cold child spending the night with little food and hopes for a brighter tomorrow.

The citizens of Tripoli are known for their hospitality, yet their smiles seem to hide more sorrow than imaginable. The collaboration between Aid Lebanon and Al-Tawarek started off as a promising initiative. Christelle, our board director and project manager, met up with the president of the Al-Tawarek foundation, Maya, to get a concrete idea of how our organization could be of greater help to the people of Tripoli. Al-Tawarek works through a point-system allocated to its beneficiaries who can pick, similar to a typical shopping experience, their needed food items, medications and clothing.

However, due to the troubling times Lebanon has been facing, Al-Tawarek had to reduce the points allocated to each individual beneficiary and is no longer accepting applicants despite the rising need with more and more people floundering under the hyperinflation.

By that, Aid Lebanon deemed it necessary to raise funds that could be directly used to buy the needs Al-Tawarek is providing to people. Knowing that every dollar can make a difference due to the rising dollar to local currency rate, the campaign launched in February consists of an online supermarket where people can buy the products through Aid Lebanon that will be provided to Al-Tawarek.

The importance of small steps is always discussed on any occasion where making a difference is the ultimate aim. We, at Aid Lebanon, believe in the power of small steps when taken hand in hand with others. We urge anyone who shares our beliefs to join us in our efforts and take interest in our campaign.

Maria El Khoury

COB Office Manager

Board Public Relations Officer

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