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A day of remembrance...

Today is the 21th anniversary of one of the worst days in American history. Despite the fact that over 20 years have passed since that dreadful day, memories of 9/11 remain vivid in the American mind. The atrocities of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon will never be forgotten, and for many of us, they shall remain engraved in our minds.

When circumstances are tough, as they are now with a worldwide epidemic affecting every part of our life, Americans show their true colors. From the first responders who quickly organized rescue operations at Ground Zero to local citizens banding together to provide relief supplies for one another, to U.S. service members quickly deploying to prevent further attacks, America remained united as a nation centered on individual and collective freedom and refused to let terrorism tear it apart.

We've fought adversaries before. And, like in all prior occasions, our country has persevered. In every case, all Americans, with unwavering backing from our friends, played a role in achieving these results.

In honor of those who died on 9/11, I urge you to remember America's tenacity. Even today, when COVID-19 continues to have an influence on people's lives and cause tragedies, heroes arise to lead the nation and their fellow Americans to triumph. We shall overcome whether the threat is foreign or viral if we stay attentive and willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Be responsible for yourself and committed to your shipmates. t remembering this disaster helps to ensure that we do everything we can to make the world a better place for future generations.

We may be living in a period of turbulence and contention, and we are aware that there are those who seek to split us against one another all across the world. Above all, we come together as one on this day. We reiterate our fundamental belief that far more unites us as citizens and fellow beings than divides us.

Let us keep that conviction with us as we serve our people and each other today and every day, contributing to a world without borders. Let it be our twenty-first anniversary homage to our lost sisters and brothers.

Nehme Gerges Melhem

President & Chief Executive Officer

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