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Breast cancer is currently one of most widely and prevalently diagnosed cancers in the field of oncology and the second leading cause of cancer related deaths among women according to the American Cancer Society. Treatment options and management of the disease is heavily being investigated worldwide with research in this field growing rapidly. With Lebanon having one of the highest breast cancer incidence in the world, the ground for breast cancer in the country is fertile and promising, with research output not only furthering our understanding of breast cancer in the context of the country, but ultimately benefitting thousands of women with the disease. 

Melhem labs has taken the initiative, in collaboration with different academic and medical institutions to launch several breast cancer research projects in the country, with the aim of furthering Melhem Scientific Incorporated at promoting research in the country within a field that has the potential to advance patient physician relationships, improve breast cancer patient’s quality of life and assisting patients in their journey against the disease.

Your generous donation will help us help them!

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