Oh. So. Crafty.

It's that time of year yet again! Aren't you ecstatic!? You should be, since we've teamed up with the Children's Cancer Center to introduce their Lifesaving Box Campaign this year. The best thing is that you may participate from any location on the planet! It's time for North America to shine once again!

Since the Beirut tragedy, Lebanon has been in severe straits. Its consequences have reverberated across the country, resulting in a plethora of difficulties that Lebanese people face on a daily basis. Nonetheless, we want to ensure that children with cancer stay positive, cheerful, and convinced that, just as they beat illness, they will rise and fight for their nation, as we continue to be a part of journeys towards cure.

It's not difficult to get started. To begin, create your own piggy bank out of any leftover or unused paper, carton-boxes, plastic, recyclable material, or other materials you may have around the house. This is your opportunity to be inventive. Then, have your kids begin saving any loose change, $1 or $5 bills, and depositing it in this piggy bank. Keep in mind that anything counts!

Now that your piggy bank is pretty much full, cash in your savings, deposit them in your bank account, and donate to the campaign using the link provided.

Giving back is at the core of our campaign. During this giving season, we guarantee you that our strong heroes at the center will receive your generous, heartfelt support.